Vaastu Sasthra

The identity of any civilization is the type of construction done during the period of that civilization. For example, Roman and Greek civilizations are marked by the construction in that period, as in India the Aryan, Dravida and Mughal era are identified respectively by their constructional features. These great civilizations teach us that for any construction to nurture many generations to come and to stand the test of time and age, it should be built on certain guide lines that provide not only prosperity and happiness to the inmates but also accords a balance with nature and surroundings.

Thus Vaastu Sasthra is the science of architecture that gives guide lines for the construction of any type of building, in terms of numerical measurements blended perfectly with nature and surroundings. In "Vaastu Sasthra" (or science of hospitable land), “Mayamatham" is the most famous book. The other books are - Thantrasamuchayam, Silparathnam, Vaasthuvidya and Manushyalaya Chandrika. The first two books deal with temple construction and the latter two deals with construction of houses (residential).In Kerala, Thantrasamuchayam and Manushyalaya Chandrika are two widely used books as the guidelines for construction of temple and houses respectively.

The important features of a building constructed based on principles of Vaastu are

1. Being in harmony with nature and locality surrounding it, giving maximum utility according to its purpose.

2. Being functional and adaptable as a home and fulfilling all spiritual needs of the owner giving peace, prosperity and long life.

Arjun & Associates and Vaastu Sasthra :

Arjun & Associates is the only group of Engineers and architects specialised in design and construction of all types of buildings based on Vaastu Sasthra, incorporating traditional Kerala architecture with modern technology The topography of Kerala is different from that of other states in India as it is a mixture of plain and hilly areas and it receives monsoon rain for nearly eight months in a year. Hence the shape and construction technique of buildings in Kerala like the Naalukettu, Manas etc. are distinct from other provinces.

The Padmanabhapuram palace, Krishnapuram palace, Kanakakunnu Palace etc are the prominent existing landmarks in Kerala. Our ancestors have preserved this mode of construction with great care. The main quality of this construction is its proportionality in length, width and height, which is due to its uniqueness in measurements based on "Vaastu Sasthra". This science of building technology and style of construction are fast declining into the past.

Having done the documentation and research of Several old palaces, Manas, residential buildings all over Kerala, like the Krishnapuram palace (in Kayamkulam), the Padmanabhapuram Palace (Padmanabhapuram - which was once the capital of Travancore), Vadassery Amma Veedu, Kuthiramallika (Thiruvananthapuram), etc. constructed several centuries earlier and designed according to the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra and still reign their grandeur, Arjun & Associates are in the process of retrieving this waning glory and splendor of traditional architecture in this millennium using cost effective modern technology.

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