Time & Management

The construction work of any building project is done as per the time schedule (Bar Chart) , prepared at the commencement of the project and is strictly followed. If the construction work is on contract basis then the progress of work according to the time schedule will depend on the timely payments, by cash / cheque, by the owner or investor. A complete detail of the work done at the building construction site is recorded by the site engineer or Supervisor posted there in the Daily Labour Report. The Project Manager checks the Daily Labour report, which can be verified at any time.

We also undertake supervisions for Major Projects and have sufficient Manpower and machinery for any type of prime construction.

Non – Resident Indians who are interested in building a house or any other type of construction based on the principles of "Vaastu Sasthra" can contact us through e-mail. They are also requested to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the Reserve Bank Of India in case of any investments in our projects.