Arjun Sreesanthi Homes

Arjun and Associates, founded by Mr.B. Arjunan, in 1995, comprises of a group of Architects and Engineers, specialized in design and construction of buildings based on "Vaastu Sasthram" - incorporated with Kerala Traditional Architecture using Modern Technology. Each Building is marked with beautifully designed elevation using traditional features like Padippura, Charupadi, Kuthirakkal, Gable etc., while the interiors are designed with careful allocation of space to attain maximum comfort and ease of modern living. Around 100 "Nalukettu" and 300 residential homes have been designed by Arjun and associate so far,and has gained the impeccable trust and confidence of clients across Kerala and abroad. "SREE SANTHI HOMES" is a venture of Arjun Vaastu Builders Pvt.Ltd a sister concern of Arjun and Associates, marking 15 years of excellent service of the firm.

About The Project

Consists of Villas constructed on plot sizes of 5 cents ranging from 1249 to 1787 sq.ft. Each home has been designed and positioned using Vaastu principles and measurements, with reference to the direction of the plot.


Located in 65 cents of land, in the calm and peaceful surroundings of "SREE SANTHI HOMES" 3.5 km from Pothencodu Jn., between Pothencodu and Kanyakulangara. 1 Km from Konjira Jn.

Arjun Associates
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