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Arjun and Associates is the first group to re-introduce ‘Vaastu Sasthra’ in design and construction of any building in Kerala

Arjun and Associates- is the first and only group of engineers and architects specialized in designing and construction of all types of buildings esp. NAALUKETTU” based on primitive vaastu science incorporated with modern architecture.

Every man has a dream to own a house in which after a days hard work , he could spend some happy hours with his family members. The common man aspires for long life with good health and without any worries. Vaastu Sasthram is the science of architecture that gives the guidelines for construction of a building in terms of numerical measurements which is imperfect blend with nature and surroundings that accords a balance with all natural forces. Thus resulting in peaceful, healthy and prosperous living.

Arjun Associates New Brand " Arjun Vastu Builders and Engineers Pvt Ltd " Started Operations at Dubai also Along with Kerala for serving NRI Clients and Dubai Based Constructions. Under the New Roof Arjun Vast Builders and Engineers Start Cosntruction and Selling of Vaastu based Villas at Kazhakootam Near Technoprak Trivandrum and Thaliyal Thrivandrum

Arjun & Associates have adapted to this primitive style of traditional architecture, incorporating the course of action put forth by using "Vaastu Sasthra", cost-effective modern technology.

Company Profile :

The need of having a roof over head for a person is as important as having peace of mind, good health and prosperity in living and working underneath that roof. The only science in building, designing and construction dealing with these aspects is "Vaastu Sasthra".

Dedicated to achieve this goal in the field of designing and construction of building by applying the principles of primitive "Vaastu Sasthra" and reinstating the rich culture of traditional architecture of Kerala is a group of trained professionals led by Mr. B. Arjunan of ARJUN & ASSOCIATES

Arjun & Associates, the only group of Engineers and Architects specialised in designing and construction of all types of buildings based on "Vaastu Sasthra", incorporated with Kerala traditional architecture using modern technology.

Personal Profile :.

Basically a mechanical engineer, Mr. Arjunan took civil engineering through a part time course. Fate brought him face to face with "Vaastu Sasthra" through a coincidence.

Thus fascinated by this science of codified calculation in designing and construction of building and role of nature in construction, he took a diploma in "Vaastu Sasthra" and traditional architecture as the first batch from "Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra" under the ingenious guidance of renowned Aachiriyas in field like Kannipayoor Krishnan Namboothiripadu, Kesavanachari, Karuva Vasudevanachari etc.

During his research period, he published a report on 'Vadacherry Amma Veedu' in Kerala. He also took part in International Seminar on Mayonic Science and technology organised by Sri. Ganapathi Stapthi, founder and director of Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation, Madras.

Mr. Arjunan himself is continuing an informal research for the past few years by studying in detail the design, construction, and architecture of ancient temples, Palaces and Manas.